AVweb Books 'FAR/AIM - With Complete New AIM Change 2' Campaign

FAR 2015-1/2 || Available at AVwebBooks.com

FAR/AIM - With Complete New AIM Change 2
Get your FARs in e-book format.
The most convenient way to research the FARs: a single combined file, fully searchable, printable, extensively pre-bookmarked, and with all new changes clearly highlighted. This easy-to-use .PDF file works on any computer or mobile device.

Double edition offer: Choose the 2015 1/2 edition for immediate access for just $12.95. Or include an automatic update with the complete 2016 edition when it comes out in August for just $4 more. Same offer available for A&Ps at AVwebBooks.com in Maintenance Training/Regulatory category.

FAR 2015-1/2
FAR 2015-1/2 + 2016
e-book $ 12.95
e-book $ 16.95

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