A Tip of the Hat to Tom Poberezny


What with the government shutdown and politicians snarling at each other across a partisan divide that makes the Grand Canyon look like a sidewalk crack, theres much to cheer about lately. So I was happy the other day to get a press release touting something simple that we can probably all agree on. I cant really call it an organization so much as an organized effort with the sole declared purpose of putting Tom Poberezny back on the radar or at least affording him the respect he has earned. And for that, Im cheering just for the hell of cheering.

Poberezny dropped off the edge of the earth in the middle of AirVenture 2011 and essentially hasnt been heard from much since. At the time, I thought his treatment at the hands of either the EAA board or then president Rod Hightower-maybe both-was shabby at best. Whatever differences may have emerged that summer-and Ive been told they were considerable-letting a guy of

Pobereznys stature and achievement go loose in the middle of the very iconic airshow he helped create is simply not the way to do business. It was then and is still beneath an organization as important as EAA.

But thats history and the next page of it is a groundswell movement that centers on a web site named simply HonorPoberezny.com.

The site details Pobereznys achievements and contributions, both in aviation and to EAA. And lets not forget his Dad, Paul, who died in August at the age of 91. He left a lasting aviation legacy that will long outlive him.

According to the press release sent to me by David Gustafson, Tom and family will appear at AirVenture again in 2014 and Id say his return is overdue. You can click into the website and electronically sign a roster of support recognizing the younger Pobereznys contribution. Isnt that least all of us could do to offer a simple thanks? Heres a guy who more than deserves at least that.

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