Aero: Siemens And FlyEco Show Off Hybrid


Timed just ahead of Aero Friedrichshafen, Siemens claims the world’s first serial production-capable hybrid aircraft completed its maiden flight in Hungary. Siemens, which has embarked upon intensive development in aircraft electric motors, teamed with FlyEco to produce a hybrid model driven by both batteries and a three-cylinder diesel engine.

The aircraft is called the Magnus eFusion and derives primary thrust from a Siemens SP55D motor powered by batteries for quiet takeoffs and landings and the FlyEco diesel coupled to a generator for extended range. Siemens developed both the generator and the critical motor controller for the eFusion. Siemens’ Frank Anton said the airplane completed its first flight on April 11.

Recall that AVweb reported on the FlyEco diesel in 2016. The engine is adapted from the Mercedes-Bez Smart Car powerplant and is an advanced diesel design with common rail injection and electronic controls. No data on performance was available, but we’ll stand by for more information on this hybrid.