Aerostar Jet


Aerostar Aircraft Corporation has taken two Pratt & Whitney 615 FADEC engines and slung them under the wings of an Aerostar to create what Aerostar’s Jim Christy says will be a jet capable of 400-plus knots. Christy flew the jet to AirVenture Oshkosh for the jet’s first major public debut and says he’s testing the market with eyes on certification. The engines improve performance in every way but fuel flow, and take advantage of the Aerostar’s aerodynamics and strength. Christy says a new Aerostar Jet could come to market at a price point near $2.4 million and Aerostar Aircraft can offer more than just more speed — it can also offer more room.

The Aerostar’s big windows make the interior of the plane seem a lot larger than aircraft that actually offer more interior space, but Christy says that illusion could be complimented by real added square footage. The company offers a stretched version that extends the jet’s fuselage by nearly three feet. For more information, see our video coverage collected at AirVenture 2011.