Aftermarket HUD With Enhanced Vision


It’s a window on the world when the world isn’t cooperating and now it’s available as an after market enhancement for business, commercial and military aircraft. Elbit Kollsman has developed an add-on HUD that displays flight instrument information against an infrared image of the world outside when darkness and weather obscure that. Several customers are using the already-certified system and Elbit is marketing the system as an aftermarket device until original equipment manufacturers incorporate them into their designs. As our AVweb Exclusive Video shows, the visibility enhancement, set up to deliver a normal field of vision for the pilots, is striking.

The system has been tested in numerous adverse flight conditions and shows a clear image of the runway for pilots coping with the muck. Elbit says the FAA has recognized the value of the enhanced vision system, which shows conditions in real time, and allows aircraft equipped with the system to fly to 100-foot minimums.