Air Race E Adds New Classes For Electric Aircraft


Electric air race organization Air Race E has expanded its planned lineup with new electric airplane and vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft racing classes. Air Race E’s Performance Class airplane formula will be based on a standard electric powertrain while the V-Class will be open to electric VTOLs. The organization’s first electric aircraft racing formula, newly renamed the Open Class, allows manufacturers to produce their own powertrain configurations up to 150 kW power.

“The launch of the new Performance Class and V-Class will allow us to include more stakeholders in our project and greatly increase our ability to meet the needs of the industry while organising a thrilling motorsport,” said Air Race E CEO Jeff Zaltman.

Based on Formula One air racing rules, Performance and Open Class airplanes will be raced on a 1.5-km oval course. The rules and race format for the V-Class have not yet been announced. Air Race E, which is partnered with Airbus and engineering simulation company Ansys, plans to hold its first race series is in 2022.

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