Airbus Launches Discovery Science Week


The Airbus Foundation has launched its first Discovery Science Week with the goal of encouraging an interest in science in students between the ages of 12 and 16 years old. According to Airbus, the program will provide digital science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)-related educational materials and activities to more than 60 educational centers in Spain. This year, Discovery Science Week activities are organized around six blocks that include women in science, environmental impact, mathematical puzzles, flight mechanics, hydrogen and virtual tours of vocations. The 2022 program will continue through the last week of June.

“The material will allow young students to experience science through different experiments and games,” Airbus said. “In addition, it will promote creativity and awareness of social and environmental problems, taking as a reference the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals.”

Discovery Science Week is a digital version of the Airbus Foundation Flying Challenge, which began in 2011 and, by 2018, was held at sixteen Airbus sites across six countries. The Airbus Foundation is sponsoring Discovery Science Week in collaboration with the Spanish Red Cross and creative training company Cadigenia. Other institutions supporting the program include the University of Cadiz, University Institute for Sustainable Social Development, Bertelsmann Foundation, CaixaForum and the Persán Foundation.

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  1. “…taking as a reference the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals.”

    So, in other words the entire program is based on the myth of man-made climate change, the junk science claims that CO2 is hazardous, and that there are limited resources. Instead Airbus ought to give kids a copy of Julian Simon’s book, “Ultimate Resource”, and vigorously support global fossil fuel exploration and fracking everywhere. “Hydrogen”? Are they kidding? Dino-Fuel is the way to go!