Avidyne Corporation is teaming up with artificial intelligence (AI) software company Daedalean to develop, manufacture and certify AI-based airborne systems for aviation. The initial offering, to be called the Avidyne PilotEye Vision System, is designed to serve as a “never-tired, never-distracted second set of eyes” that will scan for and identify everything from traffic and airborne hazards to potential emergency landing sites.


  1. A fantastic concept and system–and capable of so much more than shown in the video. In their press conference, they demonstrated that it can be configured to show helicopter pilots multiple possible emergency landing sites (in this video, it includes round landing sites that become unusable when the red car pulls into the possible landing site. It can track aircraft traffic at least 3.5 miles away and give you a heads up on where to look to acquire them visually. Close-in runway depiction can be integrated into the Avidyne presentation, with almost synthetic vision for executing an approach, and avoiding terrain. This is very early in development–looking forward to certified units.

    Interesting–did anybody else note the old Garmin 496 (from their arch-competitor) mounted on the top of the panel on the cockpit shots? I do the same thing in the King Air–despite modern presentations, I keep the old 496 on board–it gives me XM weather–gives me a quick “direct to” when clearance changes from ATC–gives me rate of descent full time for flight planning, and lets me keep other weather products up without changing the main screen–great service from a decades-old piece of equipment!