AirVenture 2022: Redbird Mixed Reality Flight Simulator


Redbird Flight Simulations came to AirVenture 2022 with a flight simulator concept that combines virtual reality technology with the company’s TD desktop sim. In this video, Josh Harnagel, Redbird vice president for marketing, discusses the ideas behind the design and the current state of development.


  1. Once you’ve used a VR flight sim, you will not go back to a flat monitor. They are so much better. I did the SimVenture (PilotEdge.Net) Oshkosh Fisk arrival using VR and it felt incredibly real. My heart was pounding.

    • You feel like you’re flying an airplane rather than a simulator. One big issue (which Red Bird is attempting to solve) is manipulation of the controls on the panel. It’s challenging using a VR controller.