As it has with its SR piston line, Cirrus Aircraft has been making incremental upgrades to its SF-50 Vision Jet, which include the Safe Return emergency landing system and autothrottle. Ahead of AirVenture 2021, the company announced the Vision Jet G2+. It has more takeoff thrust, which puts shorter runways in the flight profile, plus an airliner-caliber cabin Wi-Fi system from Gogo. For this video, Aviation Consumer Editor Larry Anglisano joined up with Matt Bergwall from Cirrus for a look at the G2+.


  1. Larry, you have a job to do and you do it well.

    But! A G2 is a twin engine Gulfstream corporate aircraft flown by two professionals and doesn’t need a Safe Return emergency landing system. Naming this airplane a G2+ is akin to conferring the title of Astronaut on Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos. They were passengers on their near space flights, not astronauts and this isn’t a G2. It’s a single Williams engine Cirrus for crying out loud. Integrity has never been a strong suit of aircraft OEM marketing departments. In this case Cirrus is no exception.

  2. Come on guys,
    Give Cirrus a break… (even though they have a touch of Chinese in them!)
    They’ve been using the G (generation) designation in the SR-22 for over a decade and also in the SF-50 since intro.

    Gulfstream doesn’t own the letter G….

    • No one said Gulfstream owns the letter G. This is about OEM marketing departments insulting the market’s intelligence, in this case by legally but shamelessly using the letter G and the digit 2 which originated with a venerable professionally flown corporate jet. Insulting the market’s intelligence with sexy catch monikers is a long standing tradition and so is aviation journalism’s acquiescence.