AOPA Announces 2020 Fly-Ins


The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) has announced locations for three fly-in events to be held next year, including a return to San Marco, Texas (KHYI) where it held the first of its annual fly-ins in 2014. In addition to San Marcos, which will take place on May 29-30, the 2020 fly-ins are scheduled for June 19-20 in Casper, Wyoming (KCPR) and Sept. 11-12 in Rochester, New York (KROC). According to AOPA, each fly-in will provide activities unique to the location along with programming common to all three.

“This year’s AOPA Fly-Ins will take us to two new states in parts of the country we’ve not yet visited with exciting opportunities to explore their unique strengths,” said AOPA Senior Director of Outreach and Events Chris Eads. “We will be bringing back some of the most requested workshops for 2020 offering engaging lessons to improve aviation knowledge and safety. And, as always, we are working hard to create new and exciting opportunities for pilots of all levels to improve and expand their skills.”

Each fly-in will feature a cookout, short takeoff and landing (STOL) invitational, drone show, seminars and exhibits. All-day intensive workshops will be offered on Fridays during the events, past versions of which have covered topics such as ground school for IFR proficiency, owner-performed maintenance, VFR long cross-country flight, mountain flying techniques and survival skills, and aviation adventures. Registration for the two-day fly-ins will open in February.

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