Audio Coverage of Oshkosh ’99

Complete audio coverage, including live RealAudio streams.


AVweb's EAA AirVenture 1999 Audio Coverage

Welcome to AVweb’s exclusive audio coverage of EAA’s AirVenture 1999, direct from Oshkosh each day of the show.

Thank you for selecting AVweb‘s liveRealAudio programming of Oshkosh ATCT’s communications and our feed of WOSH’scoverage of the daily EAA AirVenture ’99 airshow. These two audio streams areonly available during EAA AirVenture and, now that the event has ended, cannotbe provided. Please check back next year when AVweb once again will makethis audio content available as part of our exclusive EAA AirVenture coverage.

Although these two programs are no longeravailable, you can still listen to AVweb‘s daily "OSHtalk"hangar flying session and our exclusive coverage of the annual "Meet theBoss" session. See below!

Free RealaPlayer G2 Thisspecial audio section of AVweb‘s exclusive AirVenture ’99 coverage bringsyou even closer to the daily action at this year’s show. Using a free,low-bandwidth RealPlayer G2 and our streamingRealAudio feeds, you can hear what happened at special events each day ofAirVenture ’99.

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ICOMAVweb’s AirVenture ’99 communications radios provided courtesy of ICOM America.