Avidyne’s Latest Plan: IFD440 GPS For Replacing Garmin’s GNS430


If you’re itching for a modern replacement for your dated GNS430 GPS then Avidyne has a solution with the IFD440 retrofit navigator. Think of the IFD440 as a space-saving alternative to the previously introduced IFD540 — a box that was designed as a drop-in for Garmin’s GNS530 navigator. The smaller IFD440 affords the same plug-and-play easy upgrade process as the larger IFD540 and retains the same hybrid control feature set of touchscreen and conventional knobs and buttons. It also brings the same NMS-intensive operating logic that trickles down from the company’s R9 integrated glass. Despite being smaller, the IFD440 shares the same level of capability as the IFD540 including a virtual keyboard, geo-fill flight planning and a crisp map display.

Trying it on for size, the smaller box is expected to measure a standard rack width of 6.30 inches, stand 2.65 inches high and require 11 inches of depth behind the panel. It weighs 8.5 pounds with interface connectors. Its 4.8-inch diagonal, LED-backlighted LCD touchscreen might seem small in comparison to the IFD540 but its VGA-like screen clarity is its saving grace. While the unit won’t be available for at least a year, Avidyne will take your money now for a drastically reduced price point of $8500. It’s expected to retail for $14,995. For more information, visit Avidyne.com.