Bose A20 Headset Replaces Bose X


It was way back in 1998 when Bose came out with the Bose Headset X. The headset has remained a strong seller even though it lacks Bluetooth connectivity and music input. As of today the company is retiring the Headset X and replacing it with the Bose A20 Headset. Bose claims the new headset is significantly quieter with redesigned microphones and speaker drivers. They also say it’s more comfortable, with slightly wider, redesigned earcups.

As we’d expect from a new design, a controller on the cord allows for connection to audio via a cable or to a cellphone via Bluetooth. In a side-by-side comparison with a Headset X at the Bose booth, the new A20 did seem noticeably more quiet. Our sister publication, Aviation Consumer, will be reviewing the headset in its September issue. The new Bose A20 sells for $1,095 with Bluetooth or $995 without it.

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