Cessna Solves Skycatcher Problem


Cessna recently had put a hold on Skycatcher sales in Europe, citing issues over certification, but on Monday at EAA AirVenture, the company said it has decided on a solution. The airplane will be transitioned out of the LSA category and into the Primary category. This will make it easier to export the Skycatcher to Europe, company officials said, and U.S. pilots will still have the option to operate the airplane with a sport pilot certificate.

“It’s a unique, innovative product and we’re happy to have found a solution that keeps it available to our European customers, and will make the aircraft more available to customers in many more parts of the world,” said Tracy Leopold, business leader for the Cessna 162. Cessna is working with the FAA on a Skycatcher primary category designation, which includes the issuance of a Type Certificate and Production Certificate. The joint Cessna/FAA team worked with EASA rules to allow the Skycatcher to be accepted into Europe through a simpler validation effort following FAA approval, Cessna said.