Cirrus Announces FAA OK For FIKI System, Update on Jet


It was known to be imminent, and we already have heard all the details about the new Cirrus TKS system for flight into known icing (FIKI), but on Tuesday at Sun ‘n Fun the Cirrus folks made it official — the FAA has issued final approval for the design, which is available on the SR22 and Turbo models. The FAA also approved the Aircraft Flight Manual Supplement validating the company’s Known Ice Protection training materials. The company also detailed its new upgrades and additions to the Cirrus Perspective avionics system, including the addition of enhanced vision, 10-inch screens, S-TEC autopilots, and MFD engine data, as well as new navigation options. The system is now available on all Cirrus piston airplanes. The company also offered an update on the Vision program. Staff that was occupied with the FIKI project is now moving over to the jet, and the overall program schedule is going forward. The rate of development is capital-dependent, the company said. All major suppliers for the production line will be under contract by the end of this year.