Cubcrafters Improves LSA Offering


Cubcrafters has launched a next-generation version of its popular SportCub with the introduction of the SportCub S2 at EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh. Although it retains the character and presence of a J-3 Cub, the S2 is a fully modernized version of the venerable two-seater. It’s also 25-pounds lighter than its predecessor, allowing for installation of optional gear while keeping within the 890-pound empty weight limit of the LSA category. Among the new features available on the S2 are electric trim, full glass panels, airbag seatbelts and tire options up to a massive 31-inch Tundra tire. Flaps, which used to be optional, are now standard.

Cubcrafters is sticking with the 100-hp Continental 0-200 engine, which delivers a cruise speed of about 100 mph and fully-loaded takeoff roll of about 300 feet. Of course, it’s the legendary slow-speed handling that allows it to shine as a backcountry airplane, but the company says it’s a reasonable cross-country airplane with vastly improved creature comforts, including a new heater.