EAA AirVenture 2012 Launches With Blue Skies, Busy Runways


Sunday in Oshkosh, the day before the official opening of AirVenture, started with an early-morning flood of Piper Cubs swarming in to cover the field with yellow, in celebration of the iconic airplane’s 70th anniversary. As the day went on, more and more aircraft arrived to join the thousands already here, among them a rare Junkers Ju52 trimotor visiting the show for the first time. Mid-afternoon, 40 RVs flew over in formation to mark the 40th anniversary of the Van’s design. On the field, vendors and airplane manufacturers finished up work on their displays, as early visitors and campers got an early look around the show, some of them checking out the view from the top of a new Ferris wheel set up near the LSA Mall.

The show launches full-force on Monday, and with mostly clear skies and reasonable temperatures forecast for the duration, it’s shaping up to be a lively week. AVweb staffers will bring you news reports, photo galleries, audio and video, every day all week, with all the news from the show.