EPA On Lead In Fuel: No Immediate Deadline


The Environmental Protection Agency told GA’s Avgas Coalition that the agency “has not established or proposed any date by which lead emissions from aircraft operating on leaded avgas would need to be reduced. In fact, the EPA does not have authority to control aviation fuels.” The EPA’s statement came in a response to a request for a clarification on the EPA’s position on the future of lead regulation and clean air standards.

The EPA’s Margo Tsirigotis Oge said the EPA’s job is to determine which chemical or physical properties of a fuel or additive might endanger public health. But she also noted that only the FAA has the authority to regulate which fuels aircraft are allowed to burn. AOPA said Tuesday that the EPA assured the avgas coalition that it recognizes the value of general aviation, especially piston-powered general aviation, to the nation and the national economy.