Flight Design Four-Place Advances


Flight Design, which has sold more LSAs than anyone, has been working for a few years to build the C4, its first four-place certified design, and this week at Sun ‘n Fun they released details about the avionics package they created in concert with Garmin. “This panel was fully customized for this airplane,” said CEO Tom Peghiny. The package features synthetic vision, an autopilot, and a prominent display of the backup steam gauges, which Peghiny says will help to ease the transition to glass for those pilots not yet used to it. The touchscreens are Garmin’s latest technology, which are easy and intuitive to use, Peghiny said, and allow pinch-zoom and scrolling.

The first flight of the C4 proof of concept airplane, which is being built in Germany, is expected in June, Peghiny said, with certification expected by the end of next year. The C4 will be certified as a European-Light Aircraft, with U.S. certification to follow. The company is aiming for a final market price of $250,000. Flight Design has a mockup of the cabin and cockpit, with the new avionics panel up and running, at its booth near show center at Sun ‘n Fun all this week.