Forward Vision EVS Gets Insurance Backing and Premium Discount


The Forward Vision EVS (Enhanced Vision System) has apparently earned the respect of Aggressive Insurance. Aggressive has announced they will provide a credit of 5 percent applicable to both liability and hull coverage premiums for aircraft equipped with the certified EVS. Better yet, aircraft equipped with EVS, a parachute and airbag systems can earn an insurance credit of 15 percent.

Aggressive insurance went as far to say that when the EVS system is appropriately installed in the aircraft, “the pilot’s ability to maintain situational awareness is extended and strengthened.” They also specifically mention AmSafe airbag systems and the BRS Ballistic Recovery System parachute as benefits to flight safety.

The Forward Vision EVS uses an infrared-enhanced camera mounted on the airframe and displays the outside image on a cockpit display for no light, low light and restricted visibility conditions. The system can see through darkness, smoke, smog, and provides visual assist in fog, rain and snow. The Forward Vision EVS is STC-approved for over 165 models. The latest STC approval includes the Robinson R44 helicopter and Piper recently announced the system for their Malibu Mirage and Matrix aircraft. Other applications include Beechcraft King Air, Cirrus SR22, and Cessna Caravan to name a few.

It’s easy to see why the system has gained the respect of insurance companies like Aggressive since it can help to prevent night time spatial disorientation, inadvertent entry into IMC when VFR, CFIT, midair’s, runway incursions and other accidents around the airport environment.

The EVS image can be displayed on later-model MFD’s including the Garmin G1000, Sagem and Collins Pro Line and on a variety or portable monitors mounted on top of the aircraft glareshield. For more information visit and