Garmin Targets Retrofits


Garmin made some noise in the retrofit market by introducing the G500 aftermarket glass panel. The G500 is the same form factor as the G600, but is only approved for Class One aircraft (under 6000 pounds). This drops the price down to $15,995 compared to $29,995 for a G600. Both the G500 and G600 now offer Synthetic Vision similar to their big brother the G1000. Synthetic Vision is standard with the G600, as are NACO approach charts (there is an option for Jepp plates for an additional $2395). The G500 also fixes an issue with older autopilots by eliminating the need to retain older analog attitude gyros.

The GAD 43 is a digital replacement for analog gyros, which can require expensive and recurring repairs for older aircraft. The unit comes standard with the G600 but will run you an extra $2995 for the G500. Garmin also introduced the 800-series of traffic awareness systems. These units combine both active traffic-looking for other aircraft transponders-and have the ability to take ADS-B in data. The units run from the low-end GTS 800 is targeted at light GA aircraft and will retail for $9995 to the full TCAS -1 GTS 850 for $24,995.