Gippsland Picks Rolls Royce For New Model


Mahindra Aerospace/Gippsland Aeronautics has announced that it has chosen Rolls Royce M250 turboprop for its new GA10 Airvan. The GA10 is a 10-passenger version of the eight-passenger GA8 utility aircraft, which is in service around the world. Gippsland was an Australian company that was bought by Indian conglomerate Mahindra in 2009 and the Indian company has begun production there. The prototype of the GA10 is expected to fly this year and first deliveries are expected in 2013. In a podcast interview, Mahindra/Gippsland projects manager Gerhard Jordann said the new aircraft will fill a niche in the market.

Jordann said the aircraft fits neatly between large piston single utility aircraft, like the GA8, and the smallest turboprop aircraft in that class. The result, said Jordann, will be an aircraft that can use short, rough fields and deliver economical dollar-per-passenger-mile figures. The deal signed with Rolls-Royce also allows Rolls to look at the potential of using its RR500 engine, which is still under development, in future Mahindra aircraft.