Heli-Expo 2000 Gallery

AVweb's special coverage of Heli-Expo 2000 is accompanied by this collection of exclusive images from the exhibit floor.


The Heli-Expo 2000 exhibit floor was crowded with booths and displays, plus a record-territory number of  attendees.

This mock-up of the forthcoming Agusta/Bell AB139 drew plenty of attention. This is a 12-pax twin.

The latest variant of Sikorsky’s S-76.

Bell’s 427, in PHI colors.

They might fly differently than a fixed-wing aircraft, but they’re all green on the inside…

Some of this stuff looks familiar, but… (Eurocopter EC135 panel)

The MD Helicopters was a mad-house most of the show. This image was snapped during the relative calm of set-up day.

Robinson’s R44 piston-powered four-seater outfitted for news gathering. That’s a FLIR mounted in the nose.

Open wide! Eurocopter outfitted for EMS work.

Sikorsky’s S-92 heavy-hauler. (Sikorsky photo)

The ultra-quiet WhisperJet is a converted Sikorsky S-55 workhose. (WhisperJet photo)