Here Are the Details: Lycoming’s New FADEC


Lycoming showed AirVenture 2008 that it’s bullish on the light aircraft market by unveiling a new variant of the popular O-540 series, the TEO-540-A, a 350-horspower engine with a full authority digital engine control, the second such certified system for piston engines to hit the market. Lycoming’s Mike Kraft told AVweb that the new engine will appear first in the piston version of the Lancair Evolution but the company has its eyes on the certified market with an introduction next year.

What’s special here? Fuel is provided by an automotive timed pulse design rather than a manifold/air mass fuel injection system and each cylinder has its own closed-loop power control. Unique to the TEO-540 is automotive-style knock sensing for each cylinder which should help the engine adjust to what Lycoming sees as an inevitable decline in the availability of high-octane aviation gasoline.

The engine’s ignition source is powered by a permanent magnet alternator that can generate power without external excitation and, in the event of a failure, the system can run on ship’s battery power. Weight wise, Kraft told AVweb, the new engine is expected to be a wash with the existing high-output 540 series.

We don’t yet have detailed data on fuel specifics, but Kraft told us that if airframers ask for it, the engine can be configured to run lean of peak in economy cruise.

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