iPad Seminars For Pilots At Sun ‘n Fun


MyGoFlight, which sells cases, mounts, bags and other accessories for iPads, is offering a “Mastering the iPad” seminar at Sun ‘n Fun 2013. The company says the seminars will help pilots choose the best apps for their needs and identify strategies for optimizing use of the tablets in both preflight and in-flight scenarios. Specific topics include flight planning, “iPad readiness,” in-flight re-routing, and re-planning for diversions or emergencies. The company is running a total of three seminars at the airshow, with one each on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

The company says the seminars will offer ideas and solutions for safe and effective one-hand operation of the iPad during critical phases of flight and will train pilots in best practices for in-flight use of the tablet. Times and dates for seminars are 12 noon, Tuesday, in Room 5; 9:00 a.m., Wednesday, in Room 5; and 12 noon, Friday, in Room 2.