Jack Roush Injured In AirVenture Crash

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NASCAR team owner and veteran pilot and aircraft collector Jack Roush, 68, is in serious but stable condition after his Beechcraft Premier pancaked on the airport and slid across the grass at Wittman Regional Airport. His passenger Brenda Strickland, 61, was also taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries. EAA is calling it a “landing accident” but a pilot who witnessed the accident said it appeared Roush was initiating an aborted landing when a wing dropped and the aircraft hit the ground. The NTSB is leading the investigation.

Winds were a little gusty at the time of the incident. The impact caught the attention of those still on the grounds at AirVenture as a loud bang reverberated through the grounds. The crash occurred as the aircraft was attempting to land on Runway 18. More details as they become available.

Audio posted to LiveATC.net may include the exchange between OSH controllers and Roush. If accurate, the jet is misidentified in the exchange as “six sierra” and accurately as “premier.” This audio is not “real time,” we’ve edited out the blank space on the recording. Click here to listen.

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