Lancair Debuts Piston Evolution


Lancair debuted a new Lycoming iE2 piston version of their Evolution at Sun ‘n Fun this week, and said the new airplane will cost less than their turbine version and also will burn about half the fuel. Both airplanes are sold as experimentals. The piston Evolution will cost about $875,000, while the turbine kit goes for $1.4 million. The iE2 features continuously optimizing multiport fuel injection systems, and the engine control unit continuously monitors and reports engine performance. Both versions are on display at the company booth all this week at Sun ‘n Fun.

Lycoming says the iE2 will deliver 350 HP in the Lancair, with an intercooler six-cylinder arrangement and twin turbochargers. It also will reduce pilot workload, said Michal Kraft, general manager at Lycoming Engines. “Lycoming’s iE2 is an optimum fit for the piston Lancair Evolution kit,” he said. “The combination of Lycoming’s iE2 engine technology with Lancair’s Evolution airframe technology makes for a very exciting piston-powered aircraft. It’s great to see this product moving out now more broadly in general aviation applications.”