Learn-To-Fly Day Announced


A worldwide effort to inspire interest in aviation is being launched next May 15 with the first International Learn To Fly Day. Jason Blair, spokesman for the National Association of Flight Instructors, says the idea is to get those already involved in aviation to spend a day promoting it to their family, friends and coworkers by getting them out to the airport and, hopefully, into the air. “We want to get as many people around the world to get people interested in flying for one day,” Blair said.

The effort was launched at AirVenture Oshkosh with charter sponsors NAFI, EAA, AOPA, Sporty’s, REMOS and Cessna, and Blair said he hopes the list grows. “We’re asking for industry partners and ideas,” he said. There are any number of things individuals and companies can do to promote aviation but the single most important is to get non-flyers into the air. “Let’s just get people out and going flying,” he said.