MVP Amphib Adds Versatility


A Minnesota company is hoping that versatility and financial accessibility will be the keys to launching a $189,000 amphib LSA that was unveiled Sunday ahead of AirVenture 2014 in Oshkosh. The MVP is a two-place carbon fiber hull with a turbocharged Rotax engine and fabric wings with carbon fiber spars. President Darrell Lynds said it will fly about 100 mph and take off in a short distance. He said there will be more discussion of the hull design later. He said the premise of the aircraft concept is to add value to an expensive item by making it more useable for the buyer. Some unique design features give it that value, he said.

The canopy and control panel fold up and out of the way to allow the front of the aircraft to turn into a deck that accepts one of the seats on a mount and makes it like a bass boat. When the fishing, swimming and sunning is over, the cockpit/deck area can be enclosed with a tent for overnight stays. The wings fold back and electric thrusters help even novice amphib pilots dock the aircraft without dinging it. As for the price, Lynds said part of the business plan is to help future owners arrange group purchases and fly the aircraft from company-managed facilities to ensure the aircraft are properly maintained and managed. “We want young people to be able to afford the airplane,” said Lynds.