NBAA, GAMA Rally Against User Fees


NBAA President Ed Bolen and General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) President Pete Bunce told members and media representatives Tuesday that the fight is far from over to ensure that user fees are not part of the FAA reauthorization package currently before Congress. The House of Representatives have passed a bill that rejects user fees and the Senate Finance Committee recently followed suit but that bill is yet to go to the full Senate and there is plent of politicking that can throw the current trend off track. Bolen said those in aviation can’t let up on the politicians now because the airlines are sure to keep up their lobbying effort. “We’ve all got to get involved,” Bolen said. “We’ve all got to make our voices heard on Capitol Hill.”

Bunce told the crowd at an opening session breakfast that the progress made so far is the result of general aviation lobbyists sticking to the facts and not falling for the baiting tactics of the airline lobby. “We’re beginning to play big on Capitol Hill,” he said. Bunce also reminded delegates and the media about the important role environmental responsibility will play in coming years but he said aviation is already leading in innovation and efficiency. “We do have a great environmental story to tell,” he said. “We care about the environment.”