FlightAware Expands With Ground Tracking Capability


At the 2021 NBAA-BACE convention in Las Vegas, Nevada, FlightAware announced new tiers of aircraft tracking, including FlightAware Global Silver. This is a lower-cost addition to the popular Global flight tracking suite platform that the company said is used by over 15,000 business jets for tracking.

The new Global Silver tier allows for aircraft tracking on the ground with the Ready To Taxi feature. This uses surface status alerts so you’ll know when the aircraft powers on, begins to taxi and parks at its final destination. You can watch the aircraft line up to taxi with a new surface map that’s available on the flight tracking page.

The Silver tier offers a variety of other features, including taxi-out time updates, which calculate updated takeoff, landing and taxi-in times. The data is available to authorized users—including FBOs in hopes of seamless ground service. FBOs can also be automatically notified of the aircraft’s arrival (and enables the FBO to track the inbound flight segment) even when the flight is blocked for public tracking, as many corporate operations are.

FlightAware has grown considerably and has expanded well beyond the basic feature of airborne tracking. The company has added premium weather and mapping data for accessing current and forecast weather, including turbulence, jet stream, icing, lightning and other products. FlightAware receives flight plan data from over 45 countries, and flight positional data is derived from a sizable terrestrial ADS-B network. The company offers a variety of subscription options, available on www.flightaware.com.

Larry Anglisano is a regular AVweb contributor and the Editor in Chief of sister publication Aviation Consumer magazine. He's an active land, sea and glider pilot, and has over 30 years experience as an avionics tech.

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  1. new snooping option, which will be used by the eco-violent to harass company executives and politicians.

    (Extinction Rebellion terrorized the residence of the Premier of B.C.

    They don’t mean extinguish themselves or their mentality, but some were Darwin Candidates ‘protesting’ in a forest west of Victoria BC – locking themselves in place with concrete despite risk of forest fire in the dry summer there, then when winter rains came the trenches some were locked into began to fill with water.)

  2. “For inflight privacy, an Anonymous mode can be set to mask your aircraft ID from displaying on other aircraft’s ADS-B “In” traffic display” on the GLD-82. Based on this statement found on the Spruce website, it only hides your ID from another”in” equipped aircraft. Does your experience with the unit also indicate that you are anonymous to ATC, FAA and Flight Aware?

    • There are different levels of privacy available. You are describing the anonymous mode of a UAT device. That mode broadcasts a random number in place of the aircraft’s true tail number, to any receiver. But anonymous mode is not an option for aircraft with a 1090ES transmitter, which is the required equipment above 18,000 feet. So jet equipment doesn’t have the option of anonymous mode ever, but they do have the option of making their tail number private at the FAA. So only the FAA (and any private ground station receivers or airborne receivers) will see the tail number. Any web-based online tracking service will not display that aircraft, or at least not the tail number.