NBAA To Require Vaccination For Oct. 12-14 Las Vegas Show


NBAA has adopted a COVID-19 vaccine requirement for its 2021 NBAA-BACE show in Las Vegas next month. Citing what he called “decades” of safety and responsibility on the part of the aviation industry, NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen said, “We are leveraging that approach to aviation safety to guide us with regard to NBAA-BACE [Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition]. We are taking guidance from health and safety experts and adopting trade show best practices. Including a vaccine requirement in the comprehensive safety protocols for the show will create the most interactive environment possible for buying, selling, networking, and learning.”

An NBAA spokesperson said the association has received support from OEMs and attendees on the decision and is “working with leading companies on how the verification [process] will work.” NBAA-BACE is scheduled to run Oct. 12-14 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The exhibit floor for this year’s show is sold out, NBAA said, and will include new internal venues such as the Maintenance Pavilion and the Owner/Single-Pilot Pavilion, as well as a number of expected product announcements. Bolen said, “This is an exciting time for business aviation. Flight activity is high, transactions are strong, and innovations are coming to the market at an accelerated pace.”  

NBAA noted in its announcement that vaccine mandates have been adopted by other trade shows and live events in the area, including Las Vegas Raiders football games, CES (formerly officially named the Consumer Electronic Show) and the National Broadcasters annual trade event. “By adopting a vaccine requirement, [NBAA] anticipates mask wearing will be a personal choice for attendees and exhibitors,” NBAA said.

Mark Phelps is a senior editor at AVweb. He is an instrument rated private pilot and former owner of a Grumman American AA1B and a V-tail Bonanza.

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  1. It’s not a vaccine. And masks don’t work. (I wonder if we’re allowed to say this on AvWeb?)

    The science about the size of a virus vs. the size of a mask aside, when I took Physiological Training in the Altitude Chamber, I was required to shave off my beard so that the Oxygen mask could seal. So even if masks worked against viruses, hardly anyone wears a (proper) mask properly for it to work properly.

    It will be interesting to see if the NBAA has shot itself in its foot, as well as its arm.

    • Mr Glasair, please just take your 8 month placebo and stop arguing, it can’t be that bad, only one death, someone got paralyzed from it and it’s unsafe for 12 and under, but except for those things it’s very safe, much like this conference. Remember, it’s your job to protect others, they have no ability to protect themselves. Masks – just wear them, mmkay. We like the way you look in it, on a plane, on a train. It says obedient and compliant sheep to us and well, just makes us feel better. Would you also please stop using science to make rational arguments, it’s not fair and no longer the way we do things. If you want to go to the show please just print out a vax card on your HP like everyone else. As for the NBAA, it’s sold out because it’s Vegas and that’s a fun place to go. Nobody gives two shakes about this conference. Try having it in Kansas and you’ll see what I mean.

  2. I know I am hanging my neck out there and I am simply following my beliefs and knowing that god has my back. With one of the known most severe, so far known side effects of thrombosis caused by the injection, and the already given propensity of getting deep vein thrombosis on long flights, every pilot who gets the injection is putting his career on the line. I would not be flying with a jet, where both pilots have got the injection. When they are up front and both get a stroke or otherwise disabled, all aboard are dead as no one can get in the cockpit. For me personally, I will not under any circumstances get any experimental injection without knowing the long term effects that it may bring along, as there are many alternatives of which the first and strongest is my god given immune system. I trust in god and not in some pharma jab that the company is not even liable for….. To me trusting in the pharma industry is putting them in front of god and for this reason alone a clear no way for me …. It is everyone’s own decision and with it comes a responsibility, especially if you are in such a position as a pilot in an aircraft, no matter its size.

  3. In addition to my last comment, I have written a letter to Mr Hubbard at BAA which I am sharing here as well.

    Dear Mr Hubbard,
    It is with sadness to see that the NBAA is demanding a COVID-19 vaccination for joining the upcoming event.

    This means that you are forcing the vaccination on people that depend on their job involved. This is a human rights violation and in addition ignores the Nuremburg codex that gives every human being the sovereignty over their own body.
    You are also aware that the Covid-19 vaccines are ALL experimental vaccines.

    Public transportation in EXPERIMENTAL AIRCRAFT are as you may know are prohibited, because the testing of the aircraft are not yet concluded. The same is with the vaccines, that they have not yet been tested on long term effects. Even Life insurance policies exempt payment for experimental medical procedures and vaccinations as well.

    It is also well known that blood clotting, which is even worse than deep vein thrombosis, is one of the main side effects of all the DNA-altering mRNA-vaccines that are currently given. This is a huge experimental research done on anyone who is not questioning what real risks there are involved.

    Here is an interview about the dangers by these vaccines.

    Out of my personal experience of people that I know from family and friends, there are many more people who are suffering (more than 20) or have died (4) from the experimental vaccines than I know of who have suffered from the actual C-virus. I know of no person in my surrounding who actually died from the C-virus.

    I am not at all afraid of the C-virus and would rather get the C-Virus and build up immunity from my god given immune system. With all the side effects and the outlook that the hospitals here in Europe are now filling up with twice vaccinated people, where the symptoms are in part similar to the C-virus infection is already a NO-GO for myself. In addition there are quite a few effective and proven ways to treat a C-infection as well.

    I have insider information about what is going on in Israel, where the hospitals are filling up with people getting the booster shots. In Germany doctors are also refusing to give booster shots, as they experienced a very high percentage of immediate reactions to the booster shots. In one place they had more than half of the people in a care home suffering with serious side effects with three suffering a heart attack within 3 days, where 2 were reanimated and are in critical condition and one person died.

    For all these reasons I will not attend NBAA-BACE and here is another view of a Quantas-Pilot who has served very well and whose point of view should be listened to.

    On closing, I would not get on board an aircraft where both pilots are vaccinated with these experimental vaccines. It is an accident waiting to happen, as the risks are multiplied by many times in the environment of cabin pressure altitudes.

    Have a wonderful weekend ,
    Sincerely, a long time NBAA-member,

    Gerhard Paasche