New Dassault Business Jet In The Works


Dassault is working on a clean-sheet business aircraft design but part of the news is that the development process will be virtually paperless. CEO Eric Trappier told a news conference at the National Business Aviation Association convention in Las Vegas a new software system called 3D Experience will take the project from concept to delivery enabling quicker, more accurate decisions with fewer errors and lower cost. “We will be a truly digital enterprise,” he said. The software will allow simulations at every stage of development allowing all involved to thoroughly test products and systems before they are actually produced. But aircraft development is fraught with peril and Trappier also had to announce a delay in its next new airplane.

As he was getting ready to go to Las Vegas, Dassault was told by engine manufacturer Safran that it’s run into a snag with the high-pressure turbine in the new engine that will power the Falcon 5X. That will push back the program an undetermined amount of time. The Silvercrest engines have proven troublesome for the program and caused a two-year delay to a projected delivery date in 2020. The latest issue will push the program beyond that.