New In Germany – Ultralight Helicopters


German aviation authorities created new regulations late last year that allow for the certification of ultralight helicopters, and at Aero Friedrichshafen this week, RotorSchmiede said it has a design in the works for the new category. The VA115 single-seat helicopter is targeted for the global “sports leisure” market, the company said, and will provide stable flight characteristics and “combine safety, fun, and cost-effectiveness.” The company said its VA115 program is the first one to get official approval based on the new regulations.

RotorSchmiede originally was working to develop the aircraft for the experimental market, and already has four prototypes that were built during the early-development and proof-of-concept stages. Those prototypes have completed extensive ground testing, the company said, and now Prototype PT002 will enter flight testing. Market entry is planned following certification in the new Ultra-Light Helicopter category.