NFlightMic: Adding A Mic To A Non-Aviation Headset


Noise cancelling headsets are a cockpit standard, but even the least expensive ones aren’t exactly cheap. So why not use a consumer grade ANR? Well, no microphone. And that’s the dilemma a company called NFlight Technology wants to address with a gadget intended to add an aviation-quality microphone to consumer headsets like the Sony MDR.

NFlight’s NFlightMic attaches to an earcup with an industrial-grade hook and loop fastener and the mic taps into the audio through a 2.5- or 3.5-mm jack consumer headsets typically have. A standard phone lead then connects to the aircraft audio system. The mic system has input jacks for external audio input from smartphones or MP3 players. NFlight, which makes a line of highly regarded aircraft camera mounts, announced the NFlight Mic at AirVenture 2018 this week.

Two models are available, one for mono and one for stereo, priced at $249 and $299 respectively. For a detailed explanation of the product, see this podcast recorded at AirVenture.