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Day Six – Sunday, August 2

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Meet The Boss Session Highlights Day Six

Garvey Cites AVwebs Influence On FAAs Ticketing Program Decision

Jane Flightless GarveySaturday, FAA administrator Jane F. Garvey heldher “Meet The Boss” session at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh. She obviously cameprepared and the first topic of significance in her opening remarks was the ticketingprogram. which she addressed, saying, “I know a number of you have been veryconcerned about that…did I hear a yes?” She continued “…weve heard alot from people…that have given us pause. We had a wonderful…I thought, a very goodmeeting last week where industry came in…and identified both concerns they had with theprograms and suggestions to get at the two issues that were raised in terms ofstreamlining and in terms of capturing the right information.”

Garvey then noted, “All of the comments were in by last Friday, the31st…were going to be looking at those over the next couple of weeks, and I canpromise you were taking those issues very, very seriously. Were looking atwhat actions we should take either to modify the program or just to re-think it.”

Garvey then singled out the ticketing program editorial, "Why The Big Fuss Over FAATicketing?",written by AVweb editor-in-chief Mike Busch for special mention. “I want topoint out one item…I read in AVweb, Mike Busch I think wrote a terrific…thatwas a great column, a great couple of pages on both the perspective of what the ticketprogram…both why we were trying to do it and then some real concerns, and (taking noteof Mike Busch in the audience) I thought what was terrific about that article is that youhad some very specific suggestions for improvement, so I really appreciate that.” Shesaid her staff would be examining those suggestions and others over the next ten days ortwo weeks. “I heard you…we heard you…and I promise you well take thoseissues very, very seriously and thank you again for getting all of that in.”

Bill Bainbridge Make Emotional Plea For Justice

Garvey Surprisingly Well-Received in “Meet The Boss” Session

Bill Bainbridge making emotional appealBesides the contentious issueof the ticketing program, Garvey also responded in a positive fashion on a number of otherissues that were raised, generally receiving high marks for her performance. With the loudsupport of those in the hall to back him up, Bill Bainbridge challenged her to make theFAA deliver on its promise of a letter exonerating him of alleged misdeeds in his ongoingbattle with the FAA over his B&C alternators that are uncertified and installed viathe field approval process. In an emotional speech, Bainbridge asked for the FAA towithdraw its enforcement action against him, and Garvey publicly instructed the FAA’sDeputy Chief Counsel, James Whitlow to take care of it, then went further, meeting withBainbridge and Whitlow afterwards in an attempt to put the matter to rest. Unfortunately,her best efforts backfired when it turned out that the letterprepared by FAA counsel concluded with an obvious threat, instead of a much-neededapology. Bainbridge’s saga continues, but there is no question now that it has attentionat the highest levels.

NOTE: AVweb includes additional details of the Bill Bainbridge story and photos of Bainbridge and Garvey.

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Pilot Database Issues Raised

A roomfull of pilots wishing the person at the podium was one.Anotherissue of significance that was raised at the session was the privacy question and accessto the pilot database. AVweb’s Mike Busch and then King School’s Martha King bothraised the issue of the FAAs sudden decision to start withholding airman addressinformation after making that information available to industry for decades. Many haveaccused the FAA of a knee-jerk reaction and of throwing out the baby with the bath water.

Weve had two categories of comments on that…those folks who say this is amistake, youve always done it, keep doing it. Weve also had a group offolks saying you know, were not really comfortable with our names goingout and so forth, so its been mixed. Theres been a suggestion made -and this by the way is in legislation now before congress – that we set up some sort of avoluntary process. Were watching that legislation and very well aware of it, andwill continue to watch it. Wed have to do a lot of administrative work to handlesomething like that, but certainly if thats our direction, thats certainly howwe will go.”

Lots More from “Meet the Boss”

Garvey meeting with the PressAfter brief introductoryremarks, Garvey fielded questions for a good 45 minutes. AVweb includes a complete report on the entire session, from start tofinish and it includes all significant questions asked and answered.

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If You’re Fueling This Malibu,
You Don’t Want The Gas Blue

Darwin finally receiving STC from FAAOwners of Piper Malibus andMirages had something to consider this morning. Wait a few years of the New turbopropPiper Meridian or consider converting their existing plane to a turboprop. JetProp LLC ofSpokane, Wash. announced received their STC for the JetProp DLX engine conversion for thePA-46 series. It was brought to the show on the Administrator’s jet and presented toJetProp at their booth.

The combination of the Malibu/Mirage airframe and the Pratt & Whitney PT-6A-34turbine creates one of the faster singles on the market. The claimed speeds put theairplane in the class with the Aerospatiale TBM 700 and Pilatus PC-12 at about a fourth ofthe cost. Reported performance numbers are impressive. Rate of climb goes from 1220 fpm inthe piston model to 2200 fpm with the conversion, cruise speed goes from 225 knots to 270knots, while stall speeds dirty and clean remain the same.

Darwin Conrad, President and CEO of JetProp LLC, said the STC process took four yearsand cost almost $1million. “We already have a significant amount of orders for theconversion” he said, but declined to proved any numbers. JetProp expects theconversion, priced at $589,000, to take about 12 weeks. Rocket Engineering, also inSpokane and also led by Conrad, performs the conversions.

Now Your Katana Can Take 3 Pax Into The Clouds

Liz Swain tries the four-seater mock-up on for size.Katana announcedtoday that they plan to deliver their long-awaited four-place IFR single in the firstquarter of 2000. The DA40 is based on the DA20’s familiar all composite, T-tail design,but the trademark bubble canopy has been shortened to a smaller canopy that feathers intowrap-around windows for the rear seats. Front passengers board through the canopy, whilerear passengers board through a separate door located on the left side. Behind that is abaggage compartment. The airplane will be offered with standard VFR and IFR packages,electric flaps and a 21 gallon fuel tank in each wing.

Diamond is planning on offering a Continental IO-360, but they’re still gathering inputfrom customers about how much horsepower it should develop. No price can be set until anengine decision is made. If you’re interested and you’d like to comment, Diamond can bereached at theirweb site.

Warbird Jet Crash Kills One

Crash SiteShortly after 0900 Sunday morning a CASA Saeta jet trainer crashed in aresidential area of Oshkosh one-half mile northeast of Steve Wittman Field. A femalepassenger in the two-seat warbird was killed when the airplane, piloted by Edward Snyderof Lafayette, Ind., made a forced landing while on approach to runway 27. Snyder was takento Mercy Hospital where he is reported in serious condition with burns. The passengerremained unidentified at press time.

Eric Tesch, age 13, was watching from his house on Doty Street when he saw the airplanecome down. “It looked like it was trying to land,” he said, “Then it hit atelephone pole and came down and hit the neighbor’s yard, then it hit our yard and sliddown the street. There was a big explosion and a burst of flames all over.”

NTSB investigates top of pole shorn offThe right wing separated fromthe fuselage and debris was strewn half a city block south of the wreckage. Although thetelephone pole was on the west curb, indicating the airplane was still to the west oninitial impact with the obstacle, the pilot managed to maneuver the airplane to the centerof the narrow street. There were no ground casualties or damage to any of the nearbyhouses in the densely populated residential area. The airplane spun around approximately135 degrees counter-clockwise and came to rest in an intersection before bursting intoflames.

Residents rushed out to spray the wreckage with household fire extinguishers and gardenhoses. “They were using baseball bats to try to get the lady out,” said Tesch.”The neighbors responded immediately, before rescue personnel could arrive,”AirVenture Chairman Tom Poberezny noted. “They should be given recognition forthat.” Poberezny also commended the pilot for his actions in steering the airplaneaway from houses. “The reports of witnesses have the common thread that validates(the pilot’s skill). It’s also validated by reality in that there was a very confineddamage pattern that can only be accomplished with direction. Someone used the term ‘hero’earlier today. It’s a term that can be misused and abused but is appropriate in thiscase.”

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OSH ’98 Articles and Features

A Visit With Jon Jordan, M.D. – Federal Air Surgeon

Brent Blue, M.D. visits with Dr. John Jordan, who as Federal Air Surgeon holds themedical Sword of Damocles over every airman. Jordan has overseen major changes in medicalcertification which went into effect in September, 1996. He also appointed the first newDirector of the Civil Aviation Medical Institute (CAMI) in over two decades. Brent askssome of the questions youve wanted to and gets some unexpected answers.

OSH ’98 Photo Gallery – Day Six

We’re still snapping photos with ourdigital cameras and we’ve another few dozen shots fromaround EAA AirVenture for your enjoyment, along with our acclaimed captions toaccompany them.

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