Oshkosh 1999 Coverage:
Day Three – Friday, July 30

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AVweb’s exclusive daily coverage of DayThree of EAA’s AirVenture ’99, direct from Oshkosh, includes:

  • Warbirds Collide — Aftermath.

  • Aviat Aircraft Debuts 110 Special Monocoupe.

  • Computer Flying The Jeppesen Way.

  • Wayne Handley Smashes Time-To-Climb Record.

  • Pray Tell, It’s Proteus!

  • 1,000 Turn Out For EAA’s First Teacher’s Day.

  • Clinton Taps GAMA Chairman Ed Stimpson For ICAO Post.

  • AlliedSignal Debuts Bendix/King Pilots Club.

  • Bigger, Stronger, Faster: Cirrus’ Need For Speed.

  • 70th Anniversary Of Pietenpol Air Camper.

  • BFGoodrich’s Skywatch System Expands Compatibility.

  • Rolls-Royce Introduces The Aviation Heritage Trophy.

  • Century Aerospace Updates Plans For Light Jet.

  • Two Guys From Venezuela.

  • Missing Men.

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AirVenture ’99 Articles& Features

OSHtalk, Day Three
As the sky turns dark, co-hosts Tom Gresham and Rick Durden sit down with a cross section of folks in aviation. First they talk with college students Angela Burgess, Adam Banninga and Matt Arbogast, who hold a number of certificates from private through instrument instructor. Two have been coming to Oshkosh for three years and we have a chance to hear why the EAA convention continues to be a draw to all ages, particularly those in their early twenties who are the future of aviation. After the break, we speak with AVweb columnist Howard Fried as he chats about a number of topics including what makes a good flight instructor and some of the experiences he has had in his years of flying. Finally, AVweb‘s Dr. Brent Blue hurries in fresh from a meeting of aviation medical examiners with the FAAs aeromedical folks. He expresses his surprise and delight at suggestions made by the FAA regarding medical certification and an attitude of realism regarding what should and should not be disqualifying for a pilots medical.

ADS-B Update
Think back about ten years when GPS was some faint rumor off in the distance.ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast) is about where GPS was adecade ago. When it’s in place, aircraft will use cell phone-type technology tobroadcast their GPS positions to ATC and each other, which is one of the keys tofree flight. AVweb‘s Joe Godfrey gives a status update.

What A Difference Some Decades Make:Ultralight Turf Turns 20
It’s been almost 25 years since the first ultralight aircraft made theirsometimes embarrassing debut at OSH. The rest, as they say, is history. Sohistorical, in fact, that the industry has created a Hall of Fame and installed itsfirst inductees this week at EAA AirVenture ’99. AVweb‘s Dave Higdon reflects onthe mature ultralight industry and its 1975 debut.

AirVenture ’99 PhotoGallery – Day Three

Our Photo Gallery is the next best thing tobeing here yourself. Dozens of photos daily of what’s happening at OSH.

Today’s photos feature: airshow performances, some antiques and classics plus more experimentals and warbirds. AVweb also has some exclusive images of the aftermath of Thursday’s runway collision between two warbirds.

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