Oshkosh 1999 Coverage:
Day Two – Thursday, July 29

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AVweb's AirVenture '99 Coverage - Day 2

Latest EAA AirVenture’99 News & Highlights

AVweb’s exclusive daily coverage of DayTwo of EAA’s AirVenture ’99, direct from Oshkosh, includes:

  • Warbirds Collide, Corsair Pilot Critical.

  • Let Us Entertain You: Aerobatics Go Public.

  • SAMA Pushes Partners For Progress, But FAA Resource Bottlenecks Slow Progress.

  • Finally, FADEC? TCM, Aerosance Bring Electronic Piston Engine Controls A Step Closer.

  • Air & Space Ready For Wide Open Spaces, But No Decision On Engen Naming.

  • BRS Floats “Initial Pilot Offering” For 172 Recovery System.

  • Aviat Flies 110 Special Expects Oshkosh Debut Friday.

  • Jeppesen’s New Products For Airborne And Armchair Pilots.

  • First You Walk, Then You Fly.

  • Cash, Check, Long-Term Financing?

  • Phillips and EAA, Partners-A-Plenty.

  • AlliedSignal Wins First Two ACAS II TSOs.

  • Buchanan To Receive Bill Barber Award At Theater In The Woods.

  • A Word To The Wise.

  • Fly Market Offers Something For Everybody.

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AirVenture ’99 Articles& Features

OSHtalk, Day Two
As the sun goes down, AVweb‘s OshTalk gets underway while hosts Tom Gresham and Rick Durden fight the mosquitoes that seem determined to locate victims and carry them away. Our hosts are first joined by Gwen Bloomingdale and Barbara Gard, owners and operators of a 1930 Stinson Detroiter that has been in continuous service carrying sightseers over the Massachusetts coastline for 50 years. They discuss the challenges they face keeping an ancient pelican operating and the frustrations dealing with a public that assumes they are not involved with the airplane because they are women. Aftera break, the younger set sits in. Amelia Durden, age 10, recounts her day at the brand new KidVenture where she flew a control line gasoline model airplane, saw a Bald Eagle, a Falcon and a Red-tailed Hawk up close, flew a full-motion flight simulator and had the chance to build Estes model rockets.

The final portion of the evening starts on a somber note because of the accident involving a Corsair and a Bearcat this afternoon. We take some time to discuss what a pilot should keep in mind should he or she be involved in an accident. On the panel are Brian Finnegan, an experienced accident investigator now consulting in the field after several years with Cessna andLycoming, Dr. Brent Blue an aviation medical examiner, Dr. Walt Atkinson, a highly experienced pilot and flight instructor, and Armand Vilches, an insurance broker who holds commercial and instrument ratings. Together, this panel explores what a pilot is required to do following an accident, what the pilot should not do and how to avoid doing something stupid after the dust clears.

AVweb Profile: Paul Poberezny
Every pilot, performer, exhibitor, camper, overworked controller and bratvendor at AirVenture Oshkosh ’99 has one person to thank … Paul Poberezny.Without his dedication to bringing the aviation community together in one place,this might just be another dog day in the upper Midwest. Fresh from hisenshrinement last Saturday in the National Aviation Hall Of Fame, “RedOne” talks with AVweb‘s Joe Godfrey about friends, family, flying,airplanes, and the tradition he began 46 years ago.

AirVenture ’99 PhotoGallery – Day Two

Our Photo Gallery is the next best thing tobeing here yourself. Dozens of photos daily of what’s happening at OSH.

Today’s photos feature: Forget lift – wings are for shade at Oshkosh. Plus, Chuck Yeager, Richard Bach and props and tails galore.

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