Oshkosh 2000 Audio Coverage:
“Meet the Administrator”

Listen in on Jane Garvey's "Meet the Administrator" session at Oshkosh 2000.



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You will need RealPlayer to hear OSHtalk.

The FAA’s Jane Garvey made her annual trek to Oshkosh Sunday, mixing and mingling with the people she and her agency regulate. While on the EAA AirVenture 2000 site, she met with aviation’s alphabet-soup-in-absentia — including representatives from AOPA, NASAO and of course, EAA — announced a new safety videotape and clicked a mouse button at the Arnav Systems booth to commission a new ground-based transmitter for the FAA’s Flight Information Service Data Link (FISDL). Her whirlwind tour of EAA AirVenture 2000 also included the hour-long “Meet The Administrator” session in the FAA building just off the main ramp.

Despite the need to deal with the OSH arrival and departure traffic, Ms. Garvey had a good day. She got through her trademark “Meet The Administrator” session, as smoothly and professionally as we have come to expect. The perennial issues-without-answers were raised: whether the FAA should change the Age 60 Rule; the status of various cases of over-zealous enforcement; and the like. One surprise was that the number and content of shameless, self-congratulatory statements masquerading as questions from people representing various organizations. Listen and learn who they are.

In the end, the hour-long session resulted in a series of slow, underhand pitches ably batted away by one of the best clean-up hitters to take the FAA’s helm in recent memory.

That’s really all we can say: To learn more, listen to the 2000 edition of the annual “Meet The Administrator” session.