Oshkosh 2000 Image Gallery:
Day Seven – Monday, July 31

Photos from the final day of AirVenture 2000.


Click each individual picture for a larger image.
An Oshkosh Wedding!
“Checkin’ for typos.”“Making it legal.”“Man & Wife, & Minister?”
“The happy couple.”“Gimme some sugar.”“Just Married!”
“Pink Pony.”“Minature Pony?”“Helichopter”
“No, not the new Skymaster.”“Aces High.”“Nice ‘duster.”

“Keepin’ Beryl runnin’.”


“Past Champ.”

“Cute lil Cub.”

“Another old Thorp.”

“Coppin’ some shade.”

“Volkswagen…Pilots Wanted.”

“Takin’ a drag.”

“Cheap speed.”

“Nice kitty.”

“Russian rocket.”

“Comanche undercover.”

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