Oshkosh 2000 Newswire Supplement:
Letter from Keith Peshak

A special supplement to our year 2000 coverage of AirVenture.


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[Email from Keith Peshak, 12.23 a.m.,July 29, 2000]

At Oshkosh AirVenture2000 I demonstrated two aircraft collision avoidancedisplays on Thursday 7/27/2000 at 8:30 AM in Tent 2, and again on Friday7/28/2000 at 7:00 PM in the AOL Pavilion. The aircraft equipage cost is $500 torepair the transponder from all of the FAA problems listed at http://www.gtwn.net/~keith.peshak/tn97_7.pdf,and looks like http://www.gtwn.net/~keith.peshak/aispkit2.jpg,$3000 for the receiver to see the other aircraft up to 52 miles away, whichlooks like http://www.gtwn.net/~keith.peshak/TailLight.jpg,and either free for the collision avoidance display software which looks like http://www.gtwn.net/~keith.peshak/AISP1.gif,or about $300 for the collision avoidance and terrain avoidance and obstacleavoidance and runway incursion avoidance display software which looks like http://www.gtwn.net/~keith.peshak/Oshkosh.gif

James Zerbe, Airport Engineering Specialist of the Wisconsin Department ofTransportation in Madison had requested of the FAA regional office that we beallowed to flight demonstrate the system. The FAA response was threat to arrest.

I also discussed the major error in Technical Standards Order C74c dated2/20/73, the section entitled 2.6 Decoding Performance c Side-lobe Suppression.If you build transponders to work as specified, then you will not see equippedaircraft on the new FAA radar, nor the Airline Traffic Collision AvoidanceSystem.

According to Chuck Larsen, Executive Director Resident Education, who hadcanceled all of my scheduled forums already earlier this year, who now took mygate pass, refunded my money in cash, and had me escorted from the Oshkoshgrounds by police, Tom Poberezny had made the decision, which he was justcommunicating, that my association, now and in the future, with EAA isterminated.

I don’t believe that I used any more or worse profanity than General ChuckYeager used in his forum 7/28/2000 at 10:00 AM in the Eclipse Pavilion, or usesbefore children in his activities with the Young Eagles program.

I have received the following “offer” from the FAA: They will”certify” that I said that my system meets TSO C74c, thereby allowingpeople to use it. They know full well that I have told them in no uncertainterms that it does not. Of course, it does the exact opposite of what isspecified in that TSO, or it wouldn’t work (ignores a pulse following P3,suppresses on a pulse following P1).

That last sentence is also true for every other aircraft transponder. Yousuppress on a pulse following P1, in opposition to the TSO, not a pulsefollowing P3, in accordance with the TSO. If you suppress on a pulse followingP3, then you will not appear on “radar” or TCAS.

B. Keith Peshak