Oshkosh 2001 Image Gallery:
Day Six – Saturday, July 28

Photos from the sixth day of EAA AirVenture 2001.


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“Ralph Charles.”


“After the flight.”

“The Fisher Dakota Hawk.”

“Preflighting the Hawk.”

“Dakota Hawk…away!”

“The World Flight 2000 Aero-Commander”

“World travelers.”

“It’s been there…done that.”

“Tom rode around all day looking for his Alf doll…”

“She’s due any day now…”

“Freebird!! Play Freebird!”

“Tiger Mothra!!”

“Heh-heh…I’m goin’ flyin’.”

“You do the engine noise…I’ll work the controls.”


“Wet ‘n Wild…High ‘n Dry.”

“We love to see you smile…”

“Now..when I say JUMP…”

“Hey, Jim…you hear somethin’?”

“Remember, honey, it’s not funny to make daddy puke.”

“Yup, that squirrel’s definitely a gonner.”

“Damn! My keys!”


You dropped it…you go get it.”

“I told him I could do it, but noooooooo…”

“Maverick has the ball.”

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