Oshkosh 2001 Image Gallery:
Day Two – Tuesday, July 24

Photos from the second day of EAA AirVenture 2001.


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“A single-engine Skymaster??”

“Remove before Flight”

“How about a little wing with your plane?”

“Door…door…where’d I put that door?”

“Something wet this way comes.”

“Hatz off!”

“Coppin’ some shade.”

“It’s the 007 of planes.”

“The name’s Heed. LockHeed.”

“Mellow Yellow.”

“Big sky…BIG plane.”

“You can set your watch by it.”

“Some storm, eh?”

“One more roll of duct tape should do it.”

“This is a prop. It goes on a plane.”

“The Legend Lives On.”

“Amelia Earhart.”

“Amelia Earhart.”

“The Sport Pilot Forum.”

“Ok, time for walkies.”

“Where do you want to go today?”

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