Piper Celebrates 75-Year History


Piper CEO Simon Caldecott visited EAA AirVenture on Monday and provided an update on the state of his company. “We’ve made 76 deliveries so far this year,” he said. “We’re being cautiously optimistic.” The balance sheet has shown improvement for 10 quarters in a row, he said, with about half of aircraft sales being delivered overseas. He’s launching a demo tour from Oshkosh for the Seneca V light twin, which he said at a price of $935,000 offers a “great value proposition” compared to similar aircraft. He also said the company is looking at “additional product improvements” across its line, but he’s not yet ready to make any announcements.

Caldecott added that his company is celebrating the 75th year of the Cub, and he was glad to see more than 125 Cubs here on the field at Oshkosh. Piper hosted a reception with birthday cake at their exhibit on Tuesday, which was decreed “Cub Day” for the show. Caldecott said Piper also will host a celebration on Nov. 10 at its Vero Beach factory, with a fly-in for Cubs.