Saab Shows New Enhanced Vision, Synthetic Vision


Saab Avionics says it has developed enhanced vision system sensors that penetrate water and water vapor and can provide pilots with visual reference for up to two nautical miles. At the first news conference ever held by the Swedish company, which produces the Gripen fighter and is partnering with Boeing on the new T-7X advanced military trainer for the Air Force, Jan Widerstrom, who runs the company’s avionics division, said it has made major breakthroughs in enhanced vision sensor technology and synthetic vision that will improve safety and reliability for operators. “They are able to land where no one else can land.”

The company has also created likely the highest resolution synthetic vision database that is publicly available. The system can render 3-D images of the world outside down to a 0.5 meter resolution with three-meter accuracy. It draws on the world’s largest database of satellite imagery and is processed through proprietary algorithms to put remarkably detailed and realistic image on the screen in real time. Widerstrom said the data displays faithfully on modern avionics and can be scaled to match the processing power available in older systems. The synthetic vision works in concert with the enhanced vision system to create a seamlessly optimized sight picture for pilots through a new head up display.

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