“SocialFlight” App Aims To Bring Pilots Together


A new free app and website called “SocialFlight” makes it easy for pilots to find events taking place in their area by collecting aviation events on an easy-to-use map. The site was created “to promote GA flying,” the creators said. “We believe that by providing pilots with a great resource to see all the wonderful events going on around them, they will fly more and strengthen general aviation.” The site just launched a few weeks ago, and the developers said this week at EAA AirVenture they already have registered thousands of users and have posted about 2,000 events. SocialFlight is available for iPad/iPhone, Android, and on the web at SocialFlight.com.

The events posted on the site include airshows, pancake breakfasts, fly-ins, safety seminars and more. The creators say the idea is that when a GA pilot wants to go flying, the app makes it easy for them to come up with an interesting destination, creating a stronger motivation to get to the airport, enjoy their aircraft, and build stronger ties among the aviation community. Registered users can access chat features, upload photos, email event notices to their friends, and update their calendar. The site also can be used without registering. Those who register by Sept. 30 will be entered into a drawing to win a free iPad, the creators said.