SocialFlight Expands Reach, Gains Media Partners


SocialFlight, a free mobile app that aims to bring pilots together by providing an easy source of information about aviation events, has grown to 15,000 users since its launch just nine months ago, founder Jeff Simon said at Sun ‘n Fun on Tuesday. The app has also evolved to version 3.0. “We’re adding 1,000 users a month,” Simon said, “and the database users are adding 10 to 15 events a day. What we hear from users is, ‘I’m flying more.'” Simon said he hopes the app will help the pilot community to grow and encourage pilots to fly more often, by making it easy to find a nearby event to fly to. Simon also announced that AVweb, Kitplanes, and General Aviation News have signed on as partners to bring SocialFlight’s utility to their readership, both in print and online.

SocialFlight will provide event information to the publications. Simon said the site will always be free to users, and he hopes to support it through advertising. Visitors to the SocialFlight site can sign up for a weekly email that will provide information about the events they are interested in, according to the parameters they choose. They can also choose to use various social-networking options. The ease of making connections via the site has encouraged users to create new events, Simon said. The concept will likely expand to other communities, such as motorcycle and car enthusiasts.

AVweb‘s Mary Grady spoke with Simon about the app at Sun ‘n Fun on Tuesday; click here to listen.