South Korea Enters LSA Market


It’s not available in the U.S. but a South Korean company is so proud of the country’s first indigenous light sport aircraft, it brought it to AirVenture just to show it off. The Vessel Aircraft KLA-100 was certified by South Korea in 2017 and also has EASA certification. FAA acceptance under the LSA category is expected next. The aircraft began development in 2013 and went into production earlier this year. The company is government owned.

The aircraft has a large 51-inch-wide cockpit with a Garmin 3X Touch panel on two 10.6-inch touchscreens. It has a two-axis autopilot and analog backup instruments. It’s powered by a Rotax 912is engine and the company says it has a 755-NM range but that would have to be with a single pilot because the useful load it only 420 pounds. It costs from $190,000-$217,000 depending on how it’s equipped.