Sun ‘n Fun Opens Today


The clouds have parted, the threat of rain seems to be past and the forecast for the rest of the week is for blue skies and sunshine here in Lakeland, Fla. The show site is busy, with the usual mix of turboprops and sport planes, jets and ultralights, kit aircraft, and long lines of homebuilts and classic airplanes on the flight lines. Signs of the ongoing economic uncertainty in the U.S. are not front and center here, but those signs are not too hard to find with a little scratching beneath the surface. All this week we’ll be bringing you stories about all the new products, the companies who are moving forward full speed ahead, the innovators who are bringing new ideas to aviation, and the creative ways folks are coping even as the economy starts to show positive signs of recovery. We’ll also check out some seaplanes, Sun ‘n Fun’s world-class aerobatic shows, and bring you a taste of all the many facets of the aviation world on display here. Check your inbox every day this week for our news reports and links to our daily videos and podcasts.

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